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 ⋆ The Plot ⋆

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Newt Scamander


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PostSubject: ⋆ The Plot ⋆   Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:53 pm

All stories have a beginning...

The year is 1908, with one of the largest booms in economics, and careers have opened up many opportunities for those in England. However something is brewing in lands far away, something far more intriguing and magical than any one can expect. With the constant funding from the British Goverment, businesses, schools, and even homes are popping up all around. However a team of brilliantly talented men, and women seem to have taken much advantage of this free publicity. Hogwarts. They call the place. A school designed for only the most brilliant and talented wizards out there in the world.

With the official opening only having begun less than four years ago, many are flocking to learn more about this "magic" school open to those of all ages. Kids, Teenagers, and Adults alike. The school seemed to grow quickly, adults, and children from all over flocked in to get a chance at becoming apart of the school and being known as the greatest wizard of all.

Will you have what it takes to be a wizard?

- Our storyboard is set before Harry, and the others have joined. -
- However, it is set in the early Fantastic Beasts era -
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⋆ The Plot ⋆
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