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 ⋆ School Rules ⋆

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Newt Scamander


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PostSubject: ⋆ School Rules ⋆    Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:36 pm

God-modding & Power Playing will get you removed and banned right on the spot! This is not tolerated nor allowed under any circumstances! If you have something planned out ahead of time with another member, that's fine but if you have not told anyone else and they assume you were breaking rules be warned, you will be questioned.

Bullying & Harassment
of any form have the same punishments and will not be tolerated either! If you wouldn't like it done to you, then don't do it to others! Plain and simple.

M Rated Threads must be rated M in the topic title! Whether it contains explicit sex, or violence it is required for you to mark it as M! We do allow this, but it mustn't be with minors.

Avatars must be 155 x 262 inches wide and long in pixels. If you are having trouble re-sizing your avatar feel free to talk to a staff member. They'll gladly re-size it for you.

What all may I join as? Are other species / things allowed?
This is a Harry Potter / Fantastic Beasts role playing site, remember that, so any other types of animals are not allowed under any circumstances. The only member that has the right to role-play as an animal or any other magical creature is the NPC account.

May I join as a kid?
For now, we are not allowing members to join as kids unless it is branched between two members. If a female did happen to get pregnant, then you could place a baby request and have other members play said child. The child must be at least tweleve years of age when first joining.

How many characters am I allowed?

One starting character per member is our limit. To obtain your second character you will need to buy it within the shop using magic points that you obtain from posting.

Are disabled charcter allowed?

Disabled characters are allowed, however they cannot have major disablements such as, broken legs, fully blind, fully deaf, etc.

What is allowed for my character's appearance?

This is a realistic rpg site, therefor we ask that NO DRAWN OR ANIME pictures of your character to be used. It is required to have an actual human for your avatar, signature, reference, etc. You will be denied if you are using drawings.

Names, Pictures and Bios

Names may NOT contain numbers or other symbols. Please do not use the same name as another member on the site. Also, generic usernames are prohibited! Do NOT create an account with any other name other than that of the character you will be playing (ex: generic123 is NOT an acceptable name). I have noticed that this has become a problem on this site, as well as many other sites. On Lyriad, you will receive a message from administration requesting that you change the name on your account. Failure to comply will result in the deletion of your account. Your account username must be your character first and last name.

For example: "Newt Scamander"

Please, only REAL photos of people as we do not wish to have angry artists at our throats and think we're trying to put them off as our own. Now, if you do draw something for your character and would like to display it in the chat section, that is fine as long as it is original artwork and not someone else's that you just edited to fit your character or anything.

Character Bios:
Please be descriptive! I do not expect anyone to type several thousand words but please have at least four or five descriptive sentences for your wolf's personality, appearance and six or more for the back story. With this try to paint a picture, so to speak, give us a good clear image of your character. If you understand this far, include, "From war we grew" in your bio.

Shall a fight ensue, it will be an equal fight which means no god modding or power playing will take place. This means, you cannot dodge or block every move nor can you land every move. Fights will be judged by dice rolls and mage points,which are calculated by the admins.

Role Play Post Rules:
First off, please label your topics correctly. Here on AND, users are able to post their own topics and have them either open for everyone, or specifically between certain members.
Ex; Trail Of Lies | OPEN or Mythomania | Private | Newt

Each post must consist a minimum of at least 250 words. Add some detail with your posts, let the creativity flow. We do not expect every single post to be an entire book but please try to add as much detail to your posts as possible, those more experienced do get frustrated when they aren't given much to work with. Another thing... GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION & CAPITALIZATION. No one is perfect, but the more accurate you are the better. If you are unsure how to spell something please use a Spell Checker or ask someone, don't be afraid to. If you agree to follow the rules this far and beyond, include, "A New Dawn" in your joining info.

Common Grammar Mistakes: Since I have placed them here, I should not see anyone using the wrong form of them in a post.

Your & You're:
''Your'' shows belonging, as in ''That's your book bag.".
"You're" is ''you are'' as in,''You're still coming to the party, right?" It shows a state of being.

There, Their & They're:
"There" means a place, as in,''Over there".
"Their" shows belonging, as in,''Wait, that's their property, not ours.".
"They're" is ''they are'', as in,''Yes, they're still in the area.''.

To, Two & Too:
"To" can be used in several ways, such as,''The letter was addressed to him.'' or ''She pulled her coat closer to her.'' Just a few examples.
"Two" symbolizes how many of something, like,''There were only two apples left.''
"Too" means as well, in addition to, etc. and can be used like so."Can they tag along too?"

-At any point in time, all rules are subject to change-
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⋆ School Rules ⋆
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