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 ⋆ Fantastic Beasts ⋆

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Newt Scamander


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PostSubject: ⋆ Fantastic Beasts ⋆   Sun Nov 27, 2016 3:54 pm

Most of these creatures are banned from Hogwarts, and if caught with one serious punishment can insue.

-Blast-Ended Skrewt
-Antipodean Opaleye
-Catalonian Fireball
-Chinese Fireball
-Common Welsh Green
-Hebridean Black
-Hungarian Horntail
-Norwegian Ridgeback
-Peruvian Vipertooth
-Portuguese Long-Snout
-Romanian Longhorn
-Swedish Short-Snout
-Ukrainian Ironbelly
-Fire Crab
-Flesh-Eating Slug
-Flying Seahorses
-Chameleon Ghoul
-Giant Squid
-Golden Snidget
-Mackled Malaclaw
-Pygmy Puff
-Red Cap
-Sea Serpent
-Three-Headed Dog
-Mountain Troll
-Forest Troll
-River Troll
-Winged Horse
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⋆ Fantastic Beasts ⋆
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